Nicole’s Bio

Here’s my History and Background so you can get to know me a bit.  By knowing my past, I hope it will help you to believe in my process.

Hi My Name is Nicole Mayer

You may have heard of MTK Designs,, Loncht – Meet your Market, Code Crafters, the Surgical Nightmare Mini Series or my ridiculous sales record at Staples and Glass Block Warehouse, but let me break it all down for you.  I want to start from the beginning.  The ORIGIN of who I am, who I am NOW and who I HOPE to be.

The Beginning of Nicole Mayer

On January 17, 1987, I was born during a New York Blizzard at Northshore University Hospital. My mom only made it to the elevator before I made my arrival, yup in an elevator.  I was born with a severe case of Jaundice and came close to needing a full blood transfusion, but I pulled through, and after 3 months of being in the hospital, my loving parents brought me home.

As a child, my parents both agreed that I was the most difficult child they had out of 5 kids. There was a lot of fighting as I went through my childhood, but I will talk you about that lasted on in this bio, which should be called a tell all! Lol

The houses I have lived in and where they were located

washington Ave
We started out living with my Grandparents in Seaford NY, off Washington Ave.  This house is known as the big blue house that everyone in Seaford knows about.

I spent most of my childhood in New York where my parents moved a lot. We started out living with my grandparents in Seaford (Shown above), then moved to Massapequa on Hemlock St. (Shown below).  I have so many memories of Seaford and the house shown above, because when I was somewhere around 6, my grandparents moved to Florida and rented the house on Washington Ave in Seaford to my Uncle Joe, Aunt Ruth and their 4 almost 5 kids at the  times. (Samantha was born when they moved into this house).

Memories from Hemlock St in Massapequa

hemlocke st
Hemlock St, Massapequa, NY

The only real memory I have of Hemlock street, was the day I attempted to cut my brother and I an orange and the knife slipped and cut off the top of my left middle finger.  This was both horrifying and gave me a real fear of cutting.  I mean I have always believed in facing your fears, but I definitely don’t like cutting things and I use supreme caution when dealing with any sort of knife or cutlery.

I know while living there, we had an awesome baby sitter named Yvonne, who lived across the street from us.  He was so much fun and always took great care of us.  I also remember that I shared a room with my little brother Bryan who would scream himself to sleep every night because he couldn’t be away from my mom for more than a few seconds.  I hated that I had to share a room with him, because his blurring screams made me absolutely aggravated.   Another memory from Hemlock, was that we made a lot of friends in the neighborhood.  We also had another baby sitter names Allison whom I miss very much.  Sometimes, I wish I could find her and tell her everything that has happened since she knew me as a child.

After Hemlock St, we moved to Farmingville.  Farmingville was my second favorite house. It literally looked like a barn and had the best pool in the back yard with a diving board, plus there was a lot of space to run around.  We lived here for like 3 or 4 years.  My dad’s truck got broken into and I think that was about the time we decided to leave this house and move to Seaford.

15 baylor dr, farmingville

We used to walk to school in the snow and our whole street, during the winter, literally looked like a winter wonderland.  I remember how I used to be filled with so much joy walking down the street in the snow.  It made me feel so at peace.  I also remember my friends, Maria, Kimberly, and Jillian.  I loved that neighborhood and I learned a lot living there. With each place we lived, I learned a lot.  It was bittersweet, I never had a real home, but I always enjoyed the gypsy lifestyle my parents so easily lived.  After we sold the house in Farmingville, we were supposed to move to Florida, but something happened and my parents decided to buy a house in Seaford! We were all so excited to move to Seaford and be closer to our cousins.  New place, new school and a whole new me.

Back to Seaford: Living on Morton Lane

Seaford House at  3853 Morton Lane, Seaford, NY 11783


The last house we lived in, in Seaford Long Island, was awesome. When you walked out the front door, there were a ton of stairs to get to the door.  We had about four or five stair cases on the inside as well, and the house was a split level. when you first walked in, you were greeted by a living room to the left, straight ahead was the kitchen, to your right was a flight of stairs that went up and, directly next to it, a stair case that went down and all the way to the back left hand corner was a dining room table.  If you went up the first flight of stairs you were on the floor with my bedroom, my sisters bedroom, and my youngest brothers bedroom.  If you took the next level up, which you would have to pass the railing and turn around, you were in the master bedroom (which was originally an attic that was converted into a master suite.  My parents are super artistic and the master suite was like a dream come true, with approximately 900 square feet.  It had a huge bathroom, with a huge tub, I do remember at some point they had a water bed, but I am not sure if that was in this house or not, but the room was truly a work of art.

If you went down from the foyer when you first walked in, you would find a den where we watched kid movies and a piano (I took piano lessons).  Then directly ahead of you was another big bedroom for my oldest brother and my other younger brother (which was a single car garage converted into a bedroom, with space for our bikes, roller blades, etc. on the outside).  The picture above is a little different then what it looked like when we lived there but the house is pretty much the same, minus the garage.  If you took the file set of stairs, down to the basement, my parents converted the basement into toy heaven.  It was our playroom.  We had so many toys, including an air hockey table.  I loved the basement.

Because we didn’t have all the video games and all the crazy toys that kids today get to have, we spent most of our time playing street hockey on the dead end of Hollis Lane. Below is the dead end of Hollis Lane, and the side view of the house we used to live in.

hollis lane where we used to play as kids
This is the dead end of Hollis Lane where you could play street Hockey, ride bikes, roller blade or bounce on a pogo stick.  The gate at the end of Hollis Lane takes you to the high school football field or the baseball field, which we all used to go play football and baseball.

This little dead end road was like our special haven.  A place for all the kids in the small area to hangout and play outside together.  When it was snowing, we would make snow men right here.  Also, the elementary school that we went to, Seaford Manner Elementary, was about a half mile walk through the gates, so we all met by the gate and walked to school together.  I truly loved living in Seaford.  I had some ups and downs, but ultimately, I had my cousins, my siblings and my neighborhood friends.  I had my first kiss and my first boyfriend in Seaford, named Thomas Reeves.  It was the beginning of my boy craze….  To this day, I still believe Seaford was my hometown because when I came home from the hospital, I lived with my Grandparents in Seaford and we ended our time in New York in Seaford.  That to me means that Seaford was my Home Town and always will be.  I still have a ton of friends in Seaford including, Lisa, Kenny, Brian and Keith.  I haven’t seen them in years, but I love them all the same.

The BIG Move Decision

Soon my parents realized that moving to Florida and starting Glass Block Warehouse, which was founded by my Grandfather in Westbury Long Island, in Florida would be our best bet.  My father decided to partner with my Uncle to infuse the company with a heavy cash flow and to help them meet some substantial goals.  The company was doing great and everyone was making money, then my uncle decided he wanted to buy my dad out.  The situation got really ugly and needless to say, my dad bought him out and we didn’t speak to my cousins, or aunt and uncle for years as a result of the ugly battle.

I was 11 when we moved to Florida, leaving all of my cousins I saw regularly and all of my friends behind.  I really didn’t want to move to Florida because I was kind of happy with my life in Seaford and I didn’t want it to change.  Plus I was best-friends with my cousin Jamie who I not only went to school with, but spent the night at her house and she spent the night at my house all the time and we did everything together.  Well regardless of what I wanted, we moved.  Leaving all the good and bad memories of New York behind me.


Florida is so different then New York.  It’s much more quiet, hot as hell during the winter and summer, and the people were pretty laid back and kind of boring, which was my first impression.  The first couple of friends I made was a girl named Molly and a boy name Milton and his sister (whose name I cannot remember), who all lived across the street from me.  We lived in Danforth in Palm City, FL, in a cul-de-sac off Woodbriar Lane.  It was a nice little 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 car garage house with a pool and woods in the back yard.  All of the houses we have ever lived in, had always had a pool.  My favorite pool house was the one in Farmingville where we had a diving board and the deep end was 12 or 14 feet deep (can’t remember the exact depth).  Our pool in our new Florida home was shaped like a jelly bean which was kind of strange to me.  The pools up north are either rectangular underground pools, circular above ground or rectangular above ground, but in Florida, it didn’t appear to me that anyone with a pool had even heard of an above ground pool and most all of the Florida pools were literally shaped like Jelly Beans! That was so strange to me as a child, now it’s a common thing so I don’t even care.

Florida is where I went through my teenage years, and now I live here permanently with my family.  To skip over all my youth years, because to be quite frank, I was an awful teenager and put my parent’s through hell and back, I want to share with you my career and my own goals and the motivation it took to reach them.

The Beginning of my Career

When I was 18, I met my Kevin Froehlich.  After years of dating, in 2008 we had a son named Sebastian and got married without a ceremony so we can all have insurance.  Kevin taught me so much about life.  He literally helped me become a better person.  I tried so hard for so many years to love him the way a woman should love her husband, but I couldn’t look at him as anything more than a friend and I knew I was going to break his heart.

After Sebastian was born, I knew I needed a career, so I went back to school to pursue a degree in accounting.  I got my AA and started working on my Bachelors in Accounting.  During my internship with Dean L Schumm in Palm City, I realized I hated accounting and didn’t want to do it.  I then started to teach myself how to code in HTML and CSS.  I developed fake websites for fun and then eventually I opened MTK Designs in 2008, after freelancing since 2007.  I worked my butt off to make MTK Designs a great company with all the best of the best softwares and started teaching myself about digital marketing and Social Media Marketing.  I was completely obsessed with working on websites and making the best looking WordPress websites I could make.  I earned tons of money and really felt like I found my career.  When business got a little tough around 2013, I took a job with TDI SDI, an International Scuba Dive Training organization, were I learned to Scuba dive and did Front-end programming for the company.  I loved my job, but I wasn’t a big fan of some of my coworkers so I said good bye in April of 2014, when I met Tyler.

Tyler is the love of my life, even though he can drive me so crazy.  MTK Designs started to boom again and I felt much better about my life.  I was living in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo in Downtown Stuart.  About 2 minutes from the beach and 2 minutes to downtown Stuart.   I loved my little condo, but once Tyler and I got serious, we made the decision to move out west of Palm City.  Now we love it where we live on 5 beautiful acres and we are moving in a week into the main house on the property which is 3 to 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.

My Goals and the Motivation it took to Reach them

I have made some good business decisions and some bad ones.  The worst one I made recently was to merge my company with a company called Loncht.  While I loved working with the owner of Loncht, we had a lot of difference of opinions on how things should run and I was supposed to make a certain amount, and he was unable to provide that amount of money, though he had taken over all my clients and my income.  It was difficult to make the decision to go back to being on my own, but I am happy I did it.

After leaving behind Loncht, and closing down MTK Designs, I opened Code Crafters Design and I started this blog as a non profit motivational blog.  Here are my goals:

Daily Goals

To ensure that my children are well taken care of and that they have everything they need, such as food and clothes.  I also strive daily to bring in new clients to my new business and make new relationships.

Monthly Goals

To provide enough money to pay my bills and still have some left over to cover doing something fun together as a family.

Yearly Goals

To made Code Crafters Design a successful business, to make this blog touch as many lives as possible and to be the best mom I can be to my children.  I want to provide them with memories they can take along with them through life and I want to make sure that I work hard everyday to keep a roof over their heads.

My Hopes for this Blog

My hopes for this blog is that people will realize their goals and motivate themselves to meet those goals.  I am a person who strongly believes that if you set the bar high, you will only be more successful.  Please give yourself a tap on the back for all you have accomplished already and for all the future accomplishments you will have if you keep working hard.  Best of luck to all of you.