What Motivates Tyler Daily

Here is an interview with Tyler, the love of my life.  He has offered to share his motivations to help me with my blog.  This man works so hard everyday to be the best boyfriend, father and step father to me and our children. Tyler is a funny, sweet, kind hearted man who truly loves his family.  We are lucky to have him and here is what he has to say about what motivates him and what his goals are for himself and our little family.

What Motivates Tyler

What motivates you to be the best version of yourself?

  • Tyler says, “My family and making a better life for myself and my family.”

Do you do anything on a regular basis that you think makes you a better person?

  • Tyler says, “I work hard at work to hopefully get a promotion and make more money to support my family.  I also do things around the house that helps make our home better for me and my family.  I am also looking at going to school to get a real career so I can be the best version of myself.”

What are some of your daily goals?

  • Tyler says, “To again, work hard to try to advance at work.  Also I try to make it a goal to spend time with my family everyday.  When I am out of town for work, I make it a daily goal to talk to my family and see how they are doing everyday. Sometimes we even FaceTime so I can see my little boy and my stepson Sebastian.”

What are some of your weekly goals?

  • Tyler says, “Just to get through the week, and do my best to be a good person, and work hard.”

What are some of your Monthly goals?

  • Tyler says, “To try to work out.  I also try to do little things to make my family happy and comfortable, whether it be mowing the yard, cleaning the house or cooking dinner.  I also do my best to try and save money, though most of the time that goal just doesn’t always work out for me but I will continue to try. “

What are some of your yearly goals?

  • Tyler says, “My yearly goal is to do my best to provide for my family, to maybe get myself a truck so I can do side work that will help provide more for my family and to be happy with the woman I love and our wonderful children.”

What advice can you give to others about staying motivated and setting goals?

  • Tyler says,”Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t reach your goals.  Often times I try to reach my own goals and sometimes I don’t.  It’s not always about reaching the goals, it’s about trying hard to reach them and if you don’t, keep trying.”

Final Advice:

“Keep your head up and try your best to continue to push and never give up.  In my own personal situation, I haven’t had a lot of luck reaching my goals, but at the end of the day, I never give up on them.  Sometimes, I beat myself up and feel down on myself, but then I realize that I am still alive and breathing, my children are healthy and I have the best woman in the world.  That is what keeps me motivated to keep trying.  No one is perfect and I sure know that I am not either, but I will always work hard to be the best version of myself because it is the one thing I have to do for those who love me.  NEVER GIVE UP.”

Notes From Nicole:

Thank you Tyler for taking the time to share what motivates you and your personal Goals.  I know that you are a good man because I am lucky enough to have my life as the man I love.  I am so glad that you were willing to share your goals and motivations. I love you very much.

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