What Motivates Sebastian Froehlich

Meet Sebastain Froehlich, my 7 year old son, who asked me if he could do an interview for my blog.  Sebastian (we call him Bash) is a super sweet kid, with a huge heart of gold and he is a fantastic big brother.  He is super motivated to be the best at everything he does and I am proud to share his interview with everyone.  Allow me to introduce you to Sebastian.

What Motivates Sebastian

What motivates you to be the best version of yourself?

  • Sebastian says, “This is the hardest quiz I ever had.  I work hard at school, I play football, I play soccer and I love playing with my friends. Playing with a lot of my favorite toys. That’s it.”

Do you do anything on a regular basis that you think makes you a better person?

  • Sebastian says, “I don’t know. I try to be a good big brother, I try to work on my homework and my hooked on phonics and I try to work hard at football and soccer. I try to make new friends and I like my teacher kind of. I love my mommy and daddy and they do a lot for me.”

What are some of your daily goals?

  • Sebastian says, “Umm…. This is even harder.  To learn to read, to learn more math because I love math, and to play with friends in community.”

What are some of your weekly goals?

  • Sebastian says, “To stay on Red and be a good boy, don’t get in trouble for 20 minutes, but sometimes I do that.  To listen to my teacher and my parents and Tyler and Delmar.  I also try to make new friends with my neighbors at my dads house.”

What are some of your Monthly goals?

  • Sebastian says, “To win all my football games, to be a good boy and not get in trouble, to learn new things and start doing better and better and better at math and reading.”

What are some of your yearly goals?

  • Sebastian says, “To keep playing football, to keep playing soccer and be a better soccer and football player and have my mom be my coach again, to move on to the 2nd grade, and to be able to read all by myself (which is why I am doing good on my hooked on phonics and triple i friends).”

What advice can you give to others about staying motivated and setting goals?

  • Sebastion says,”Keep trying everything that you can do and can’t do even if you can’t do it, just finish it.”

Final Advice:

“Trust your mommy and daddy, try hard in school, trust your coach and work really hard to be good. Be a good role model for your siblings, like I am for my little brother.”

Notes From Nicole:

Thank you Sebastian for being Mommy’s sweet little angel.  I am so luck to be your mommy and I appreciate everything you do. You are a great kid with a huge heart. I am so proud of this kid and I hope you enjoy what he has to say.

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